Beating the summer sizzle can be easy with a cooling system designed and installed by Nebo Comfort Systems. We can provide same day service for most calls in Utah, Juab and Salt Lake Counties. And since the heat doesn’t go away just because the sun has gone down, we’re here for you 24 hours a day with our emergency service line.

You can get overwhelmed with all the options on air conditioning systems these days, so here are some things you want to look at when making the decision which system will best keep your family comfortable.

How to size your system is critical. You wouldn’t put a VW engine in a 1-ton truck would you? The opposite would be just as ineffective and inefficient. Using proper sizing calculations, our technicians know how much air flow is needed to build a system that will operate effectively and efficiently to keep your family comfortable and keep your energy bills down.

We all know price is a factor when purchasing a home comfort system, but a “great deal” isn’t always that great. If you spend more money “fixing” your great deal and more money on energy bills later, that great deal turns into a great headache. Let Nebo Comfort Systems help you take the headache out of cooling your home this summer by showing you ways to lower your energy bills, avoid costly repairs and keep your and your wallet family happy.

Today’s air conditioning systems are much more efficient than their predecessors. You can recognize how much more by understanding what their SEER rating is. SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rates how much energy the system requires to operate. It’s similar to miles per gallon for your automobile. A truck that gets 12 miles per gallon is going to be a lot more expensive to operate than a car that gets 30 miles per gallon. Likewise, an air conditioning system with a lower SEER rating is going to be more expensive to operate than one with a higher SEER rating.

There are many factors that go into your air conditioning systems SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient it is. For you that means, the higher the  SEER rating, the less it’s going to empty your wallet when it comes to paying your energy bill. The lowest SEER rating in the industry today is 13, with many brands now carrying up to 20 SEER systems and Lennox even going up to a 25 SEER air conditioner. That is miles ahead of the 10 SEER systems most homes are running, making a new air conditioner an excellent investment in not only your family’s comfort, but also your wallet’s.

Variable Capacity Air Conditioner

A variable capacity air conditioner adjusts to match the weather outside to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency and effectiveness at keeping your family comfortable. One way to describe how a variable capacity air conditioner works it to compare it to driving your car up a hill. As the climb gets steeper you give is more gas. Your variable speed air conditioner works much the same way. As the temperature starts to climb your air conditioner “gives it the gas” to cool your home more comfortably.

A variable capacity air conditioner is the best way to achieve ultimate efficiency from your air conditioning equipment. Airflow is key to maintaining a well running heating and cooling system. Equipment failures frequently result from improper airflow. With the ability to monitor its own RPM, the variable capacity air conditioner helps to maintain proper airflow throughout your system’s operating life. Many factors impact airflow, such as, dirty filters, undersized ducts, or blockages. A variable capacity air conditioner can recognize the drop in RPM and draw more power to compensate for the restriction. That means consistent airflow and optimum efficiency for your family.

Watch a video to learn more about variable capacity air conditioners by clicking this link.

Two Stage Air Conditioner

Why run your air conditioner at full throttle when the temperature just needs a little nudge in the right direction? With a two stage air conditioner, you don’t need to.

During the hottest weather, you may need your air conditioner operating at full capacity to keep your family comfortable. But there are many other times when full tilt is just too much and a terrible waste of energy. During those more moderate times, your single stage air conditioner turns itself on and off to regulate the temperature. Like your automobile, air conditioners are more efficient when they start and stop less. That stop and go operation is expensive since a lot of energy is wasted in the start up and shut down phase of each cycle.

A two stage air conditioner allows the system to operate at two different levels without shutting off all together.  The lower stage is perfect for days when it isn’t as hot and allows you to reduce energy consumption. Then when the summer sizzle really kicks it up a notch, so does your system. The results are longer and more efficient cycles and less wear on your system. Your two stage air conditioning system will be far more efficient at both speeds and keep your family comfortable in all summer weather.

Watch a video to learn more about two stage air conditioners by clicking this link.

Single Stage

Single stage systems are generally the least expensive system. By their nature they are also the least effective and the least energy efficient. With simple on and off modes of operation much like the light switches in your home, the air conditioner regulates the temperature in your home by turning the system on to cool and off to allow the temperature to rise. Imagine turning your car on and off to regulate how fast you go on the freeway, not the best mode of operation.

Like any other air conditioners, single stage air conditioners come in many different SEER levels and efficiency levels. Price is usually the main factor in going with a single stage system, but it is important to factor in the added energy costs and wear on the motor of a single stage system into your decision making process.