The Power of Planning

Emergency Service is usually the most expensive service for a home or business owner. Planning ahead can save you time, inconvenience, and most importantly, money. 
Having an HVAC technician look at your furnace and air conditioner will help prevent minor issues that are easily resolved from turning into major ones with major price tags. Those serious problems that often result from putting off maintenance come at a very high price. 
Consider your family vehicle. You use it everyday, it keeps your family safe and comfortable, and it requires maintenance. You are aware of it and make sure to avoid major issues by keeping the oil changed, the fuel filter and air filter clean and so forth. Your home comfort equipment is much the same. Parts have routine wear on them as they operate to keep your family comfortable. Now take into consideration the average family changes vehicles every five to eight years. The expected life of your home comfort system is usually twice that, if you take care of it and give it the routine attention it needs. Just like your vehicle, without maintenance and tune-ups, your HVAC system won’t run as well or as long.
Those hot summer days when your AC is working at full tilt are when your AC is most likely to break down, leaving you hot and miserable. Avoid the long hot summer days without your “beloved” air conditioner. When everyone else is scrambling to get their AC fixed, yours can be purring like a kitten keeping your family cool and comfortable. 

Likewise, your furnace probably isn’t going to breakdown in July. No… it will be in the middle of January when its below zero and icicles are forming on the inside of your windows in no time. Like your family vehicle, breakdowns always seem to happen right when you need it most. Avoid those inconvenient breakdowns with a planned maintenance agreement that helps you keep your home comfort system working like “Old Reliable”.
You don’t want to have to miss work or wait until tomorrow when your home comfort system isn’t doing its job. Flexible scheduling and extended hours for planned maintenance agreement customers is just another way to maximize your investment.
The biggest reason smart consumers go with a maintenance agreement is simple… it saves you money. Home comfort systems are the largest consumer of energy in your home, typically making up around 54% of your utility bill. Maintaining it in good working condition is the best way to make sure it isn’t gobbling up more than its share of your energy dollars. 
The power in planning is found in keeping your home or office comfort system operating at peak efficiency and top reliability.