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  • One Stage Furnaces

    – A single stage or single speed furnace is the simplest motor. It is either on or it is off.
    – When it is running it is running at full capacity, regardless of the temperature.
    – Every time the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace kicks on at full blast, using maximum effort and maximum energy to bring the temperature up to the desired level.
    – When it reaches the desired temperature, it shuts off, completely, creating large temperature swings until it gets cold enough to call for heat again.

  • Two Stage Furnaces

    – Most homes utilize a single stage furnace.
    – A two stage furnace allows your furnace to use a lower stage on days when it isn’t as cold and reduce energy consumption.
    – Then on those really cold days, the second stage kicks in to keep your family comfortable in any weather.
    – Not only is this far more energy efficient, but the lower blower speed allows the furnace to operate more quietly at the lower stage.
    – A two stage furnace is great for balancing out hot and cold spots throughout your home.
    – Best of all, this energy saving feature is a simple upgrade that usually isn’t too expensive.

  • Modulating Furnace

    – The furnace modulates from 40% to 100% capacity. Your furnace can provide the most comfort and efficiency as it gives you the exact amount of heat you need in any weather.
    – Lower heat & longer run cycles create warm consistent temperatures throughout the house.
    – While modulating furnaces can be somewhat more expensive, they are unmatched for comfort, quietness, and energy efficiency.
    – With a variable speed motor and thermostat designed to optimize the operation of your modulating furnace, you enjoy warm winters and great savings on your  energy bills.

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