Honest Repair Pricing


Nebo Comfort Systems is committed to giving our customers honest straightforward pricing on all repairs.

What is Straightforward Repair Pricing?

We list the prices for all our repairs in our pricing book and every customer gets the same price for the same repair. We don’t charge hourly rates. The price of each repair includes everything needed, no unexplained extra charges. You know the cost of your repair as soon as we have a diagnosis and you know what to expect.

What does Straightforward Repair Pricing mean for you?

  • You never have to worry if the service tech is working slowly because they are charging an hourly rate
  • No unexpected costs after the work is done
  • You know you are paying the same rate as every other customer
  • The price doesn’t skyrocket during the busy season
  • With the pricing already determined, our techs can focus on getting your repair done expertly and efficiently
  • You have peace of mind knowing what to expect from your repair