Magnet Board Mania

From magnet calendars, chore charts, magnet make up boards
to quilt blocks and scrapbooking templates,
there are thousands of projects you can do with sheet metal.

Prices vary depending on the weight of metal and finish you request.

Here’s a basic price list for straight cut lightweight metal. Additional cuts, folds, or embellishments add to the final price, so please call for accurate pricing.

We offer quantity discounts and wholesale pricing.
Call us today for pricing on sheet metal for your crafting projects.
Here’s fun project making a Decorated Magnet Board
Duct Tape fixes everything!!! It even decorates magnet boards.

Here’s a video with instructions how to make 
a darling Magnetic Make Up Board.

Make your own Marble Magnets
Here’s a cute Magnetic Calendar Project

Here’s a fun example:
     Paint a surplus cabinet door. (Usually you can find these pretty cheap at Re-Store or another thrift store.)
     Cover a sheet of metal in a coordinating fabric and add accents for a darling magnet board.