What is a summer AC start up and why do I need it?

Winter and spring in Utah can be a real mixed bag as far as the weather goes, with temperatures bouncing around from week to week and even day to day. But you can always count on one thing: summer is coming and when it does things are going to heat up fast. Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day when you really need your AC more than turning it on and having nothing happen.

Where’s the cold air???

Don’t get your summer get off to a miserable start with an AC that is going to let you down when you need it most.

While a lot of simple summer cleaning can be done on your own, much of the AC check up is best left to the professionals. No matter how handy you are around the rest of the home, air conditioning systems are complex pieces of equipment. We don’t recommend trusting something that is this important to your family’s summer comfort to just anyone, including yourself.

Beginning with a visual inspection, your home comfort professional will look for outward signs of system distress such as:

  • Rust and/or corrosion
  • Water stains and/or moisture damage on equipment
  • Standing water in drain pans
  • Signs of overheating/scorching
  • Coil condition
  • Hanging or improperly sealed duct
  • Broken or frayed wiring
  • and much more…

Along with that, testing the electronics such as capacitors, circuit boards, relays and switches helps ensure the electrical system will do it’s part to keep your summer comfortable.

Your home comfort professional will also inspect the components of your cooling systems such as the evaporator coil and condensate drain line. The coil is a vital component of your air conditioning system. If it is clogged or isn’t working properly, your AC is going to let you down. Either it won’t work at all or if it does work it won’t be working at peak efficiency, which means higher power bills in those summer months when you are using it the most. If your condensate drain line becomes clogged your AC can easily flood causing it to not work and creating a nasty mess for you to clean up. Not how you want to spend your summer!

After making sure all the components are in working order, your home comfort professional will start your AC and make sure it is operating properly. Making sure your system has the proper level of coolant, that the compressor starts properly, that the system is running smoothly, as well as checking the safety and control systems are all part of the AC start up your home comfort professional will do to ensure your AC is ready to beat the heat for you and your family this summer.

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